IT4F 2020 - 02/12/2020

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Comune di Firenze

Claudio Marenzi - Presidente Confindustria Moda e Presidente Pitti Immagine

Rinaldo Rinaldi – Direttore Convegno IT4Fashion

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Robots vs Runway

Mark Harrop - CEO WhichPLM

The new fast-fashion & luxury consumers want more product choices they want instant gratification including rewards for their loyalty, they are now becoming part of the design process linked to personalisation driven via mass-customisation engines and low volume production. Engaging with this new luxury consumer is an opportunity for retailers to move the conversation from price and status to a deeper community connection, linked to new experiences, design & quality, and the feelings that luxury products bring to their purchasers. Here are the top technology trends that The Interline sees as continuing to revolutionise the fast-fashion & luxury fashion sectors over the coming years.

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Il caso Herno

Marco Gorla - IT Brand Manager Herno

The successes in Italy and on foreign markets have highlighted the need to implement an IT Retail architecture.

At the end of a careful benchmarking process, Herno found the answer to its needs in Cegid Retail Y2.

The plan is to implement an international expansion involving new openings and 20 boutiques in Japan, which represents an extremely interesting market for the brand.

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Il caso Ducati

Fabio Benincampi - Direttore logistica Ducati

The use of RFID and IoT technology to monitor Ducati fleet vehicles (2500 owned motorcycles used in tests, races, explosions and fairs).

Objective: To automatically recognize motorbikes at established control points, whether on the move or transported. Constraints: heterogeneity of moving vehicles, from the moving motorcycle to the van, to the multi-storey tarpaulin truck covered or covered

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Il ruolo del Digital Twin legato all’identità digitale di prodotto nella gestione dei processi marketing, comunicazione e vendita integrato con servizi AI in ambito moda e lusso

Marco Milioli - CMO Hyphen-Group


For over twenty years Hyphen-Group has been supporting fashion and luxury companies on their digital transformation journey, with a particular focus on the processes related to the creation and management of brand and product content and information.

With a dual consultancy and development soul, today Hyphen offers its customers a systemic approach to technological and process innovation, combined with a solid and flexible Product Content Management platform capable of supporting creativity, marketing and business ( e-commerce and offline) through the entire product life cycle.

More and more often the process of choice and purchase by the consumer takes place through digital channels: 90% of consumers research product information online before making a purchase; 58% of consumers use their smartphone to consult product information during the store purchase process.

It is increasingly clear how much business performance is directly linked to the availability of structured and quality digital product content. It is in this context that the creation of the digital product twin and therefore the perfect synergy between the product supply chain and the digital supply chain become central to the success of the organization. However, synergy can only occur through a systemic approach to flows and processes capable of breaking traditional organizational silos.

The systemic approach and Hyphen solutions guarantee some fundamental benefits:

- Reduction of project and maintenance costs 

- Optimization of infrastructure investments

- Simplification of editorial production processes

- Increase in creative consistency and quality of materials

The intervention aims to describe, through the presentation of the Safilo case history, a concrete example of application of the systemic model to the creation of the digital twin. The path with Safilo was born in 2015 from a series of specific needs of the Trade Marketing team and developed over the next five years until it became a fundamental contribution to the digital transformation process undertaken by the company.

Following the definition of the new product digital identity standard and the application of the digital product twin, today Safilo manages all the production processes related to photo shooting, e-commerce within a single content factory platform. Trade Marketing, Visual Merchandising, virtual show-room and digital in-store.

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Saluti di benvenuto

Luigi Dei - Magnifico Rettore Università degli Studi di Firenze

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Vodafone Analytics: dai dati agli insights per il Fashion

Alessandro Magnino - Head of Marketing Corporate & Public Sector

By aggregating and anonymizing the network data, Vodafone makes available for the retail sector useful insights to understand the profile of customers who visit the shops (e.g. geographical origin by post code in Italy or foreign country), the time spent, their loyalty (customers return vs unique customers), the co-visit rate (other places visited).

These insights become a formal support for the decision making of Fashion Retail companies to optimize shifts at the point of sale, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and rationalize advertising investments

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Intelligenza Artificiale e Machine Learning applicata alla Supply Chain del Fashion

Santo Lombardo - Consultant Executive di Dedagroup Stealth

The world of fashion is experimenting with artificial intelligence techniques for the retail sector and e-commerce sales, but there is no application regarding the sector chain.

We are convinced that, through network data, it is possible to know the tastes and behavior of the customer, in the same way through the transfer of company data, defined, for each product class, which is the preferential production channel and the best combination between supplier of raw material and supplier of internal or external processing.

Our project applies artificial intelligence techniques in the specific sector of the fashion supply chain.

By analyzing the largest possible volume of data, we look for the correlations that can emerge between apparently uneven data such as production volumes, variety of models, production areas, suppliers, product complexity, raw material, quality control results.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Lanfranco Brasca - Head of Innovation and Industry Business Solutions

Paolo Piccioni - Innovation Business Solution Architect

The aim of the intervention is to illustrate how the techniques of Deep Learning and augmented Analytics can help the fashion market to fully grasp the possibilities offered by the analysis of the plethora of information and now available to companies.

In this regard, both the benefits of Oracle Machine Learning will be presented for the different types of users (from executive to technical, both for data scientists), and the Augmented Analytics features available on our platform.

Finally, a practical example “Value of customer's life” will be shown, which illustrates how to put together the techniques previously seen to extract value from data

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Soluzioni di digitalizzazione nell’industria del fashion

Lorenzo Cogliati - Responsabile Servizi Information Solutions di Rockwell Automation

The textile and garment industry have played a role of primary importance in the various cycles of transformation and evolution of the manufacturing industry. Recently, fashion companies have been at the center of mass production dynamics, reacting and transforming themselves to the impacts due to technological innovation and globalization processes.

Rockwell Automation introduces some of its solutions for the digitalization of the manufacturing industry that can improve and make production processes more efficient. This transformation allows to consolidate and make available a big amount of data never had in the past and then enable the path for augmented reality and analytics solutions.

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IT4F 2020 - 03/12/2020



Tavola Rotonda - Sostenibilità e ITC per l'industria del Fashion


sustainability for the fashion industry




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Pattern: Blockchain as a Service

Luca Sburlati - AD di Pattern Spa

The needs from which the Pattern project started have to do with the objectives of traceability and sustainability of production, transparency towards the customer and anti-counterfeiting. The solution imagined by the customer can in fact be useful for customers who want to know the origin of the production of the products and materials used, now that consumers are increasingly sensitive to questions of social, environmental and animal welfare responsibility. In addition, traceability is crucial to countering the rampant counterfeiting in the luxury sector, amplified by the growth of e-commerce and the bargain market.

The project was therefore conceived in two phases: the first solved the B2B perspective, covering the processes that go from the engineering phase to delivery to the buyer; the second will broaden this perspective by adding additional information and functionality for the end customer, covering phases of exclusive interest to the seller such as the initial conceptual design and distribution phases.

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Produzione sostenibile: misurare le performance per rendere l'impegno trasparente

Francesca Rulli - Founder Process Factory and 4sustainability

We've spent the past ten years tracing the way for sustainable growth of the fashion supply chain, namely capable of integrating its three key dimensions: people, profit, planet. We've defined methods, designed tools and established partnerships to affect change and affirm sustainability as a strategic business factor.

Over the next ten years, we should work on performance by firstly increasing average performance standards and making sustainability reporting a widespread practice. Most importantly, we'll have to demonstrate that the results achieved are real, by investing in credible, reliable and shared measurement systems. Only then will it be possible to give continuity and consistency to a commitment that needs, in the current historical phase, a clear change of pace, protecting the consumer from false claims.


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New Retail Costumer Engagement. Dall’on-line all’in-store come cambieranno le abitudini di acquisto grazie all’A.I. e alle nuove tecnologie. Il caso di Patrizia Pepe.

Cosimo Terrosi - IT Director at Patrizia Pepe

FEEDBACK is a highly innovative and flexible platform aimed at identifying, recognizing and improving the customer experience between online and in store, in order to make user engagement more targeted and effective and to allow, through the appropriate use of intelligence artificial, a radical innovation of customer service, omnichannel marketing and personalized shopping experience.

The platform allows the advanced profiling of the customer journey of the customers (known or anonymous, in compliance with the GDPR regulations in force) by acquiring and consolidating the information of behavior both in the physical stores and on the online apps, in order to develop in real time advanced strategies of marketing and generate appropriate stimuli on the various channels available (direct, indirect, environmental).

During an anonymous customer's visit to the store, the system processes all the information relating to its customer journey by recording, for example, the items tested in the dressing room, those worn in front of an interactive totem, any information of gender and age group detected by cameras, the paths taken and elaborates targeted marketing strategies in real time, providing the order with indications on alternative or related items to be proposed (cross selling, upselling), appropriately piloting the digital signage systems (video wall, totem).

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La gestione dei resi per una azienda wholesale: da “male” necessario ad una opportunità di business

Alessio Borrani - Responsabile Programmazione Produzione presso Peuterey

Virginia Adesso - Responsabile digital marketing & crm presso Peuterey Spa

Returns management for a wholesale company: from “bad” necessary to a business opportunity Returning within a wholesale company is often managed as a costly process, which does not bring added value to the company but is implemented to cope with the needs of its customers and current legislation.

In reality, the return can be managed as a commercial condition, used to make marketing actions, to improve the sell-out of its customers according to the sales trend. To enable these advantages it is necessary for a company to structure itself both from the point of view of processes, both of information systems and logistics, in such a way as to minimize the return management time, in parallel with a careful management of information and control. quality.

In this presentation, the Peuterey company will explain, through the words of the Customer Service and Operations, how it has transformed an ineffective and onerous return management into a more streamlined and dynamic management capable of enabling its logistics centers to receive, control and to return (re-enter, find an appropriate term) the products returned to the market, monitoring their customers, evaluating their behavior and performances.

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Il caso Rifò S.r.l.

Niccolò Cipriani - Founder Rifò

Since its inception, Rifò has set itself the goal of producing following the principles of the circular economy. 'We transform old cashmere sweaters into a new yarn with which we create soft and soft products at Km 0', only with regenerated yarns to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions, all in the textile district of Prato.

To highlight the industrial practices related to its values, Rifò has chosen the Virgo traceability platform and its Blockchain network as a notarization and transparency tool for its processes and products.

The whole sourcing process is visible and accessible by multiple actors. From the supply of recycled yarn, to the manufacturing process in the best local artisan workshops, with a production process with low environmental impact, up to tracing the donations in favor of charity projects; value chain operators and customers interact by insisting on the same set of information, secure and immutable.

Thanks to VIRGO, each garment is identified by an NFC tag, which makes it unique and recognizable. The tag is a real gateway to the final consumer: it allows the reading of traceability data, certifications and certificates to provide total transparency on ethical and sustainability practices. Rifò has chosen Virgo and the use of blockchain technology to make a story-telling of its brand and products, declaring its ethical values.

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Closing speech

closing regards

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