Soluzioni di digitalizzazione nell’industria del fashion

IT4F 2020 - 02/12/2020 17:00

The textile and garment industry have played a role of primary importance in the various cycles of transformation and evolution of the manufacturing industry. Recently, fashion companies have been at the center of mass production dynamics, reacting and transforming themselves to the impacts due to technological innovation and globalization processes.

Rockwell Automation introduces some of its solutions for the digitalization of the manufacturing industry that can improve and make production processes more efficient. This transformation allows to consolidate and make available a big amount of data never had in the past and then enable the path for augmented reality and analytics solutions.

According several consulting firms, the manufacturing companies will invest billions of dollars in the digital transformation of their production plants and thus give rise to the so-called intelligent factories. Textile and garment companies have always played an important role in the various phases of the industrial revolution and even in the latest evolution they are a very interesting case for applying digital transformations.

In addition to the historical reasons, where companies in the sector were always oriented towards an improvement of the production processes, trying to anticipate the concept of "intelligent or efficient production", the fashion industry today is strongly impacted and at the same time interested in digital transformation for two more reasons:

1. Its creation and production processes are made up of a network of resources, often outsourced, which always ask for greater and better coordination together with the possibility of accessing a series of data for control and management.

2. As for companies in the consumer-tech sector, also in fashion the interaction between consumer and producer has become increasingly close thanks to social media but also through digitalization solutions that create new experiences of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The presentation will introduce some of the Rockwell Automation solutions that help manufacturing companies in the journey of digitalization, with the focus on smart manufacturing (IoT + MOM) and smart products (AR) oriented products. For the first topic of smart manufacturing (and networking), the MES solution for the manufacturing world of fashion will be presented with its own production management modules, warehouse management and integration with external systems such as ERP and automation systems. As for smart products, the augmented reality (AR) solution will be presented where more and more customers use the platform for needs ranging from those related to production to those of an interactive type, of experience with the end user.

Lorenzo Cogliati

Lorenzo Cogliati

Responsabile Servizi Information Solutions di Rockwell Automation

Lorenzo Cogliati was born in Milan in 1970 and graduated in Computer Science from the State University of Milan. After an initial work experience in the Information Solutions sector for companies in the Insurance and Banking sector, he continued his professional experience in manufacturing by joining Rockwell Automation. He initially held the role of Technical Lead and then became Head of Information Solutions Services for the Italian Region since 2012. In recent years he has studied and developed projects for Digital Transformation, with a particular focus on MES, IOT and Augmented Reality solutions.

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