Robots vs Runway

IT4F 2020 - 02/12/2020 10:00

The new fast-fashion & luxury consumers want more product choices they want instant gratification including rewards for their loyalty, they are now becoming part of the design process linked to personalisation driven via mass-customisation engines and low volume production. Engaging with this new luxury consumer is an opportunity for retailers to move the conversation from price and status to a deeper community connection, linked to new experiences, design & quality, and the feelings that luxury products bring to their purchasers. Here are the top technology trends that The Interline sees as continuing to revolutionise the fast-fashion & luxury fashion sectors over the coming years.

Mark Harrop

Mark Harrop


Mark Harrop is a fashion technology industry figurehead, with over 4 decades’ experience in designing, selecting and implementing a broad range of digital solutions, including CAD/CAM, PDM, CPM, PLM & Extended PLM solutions. Today, Mark is considered a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading retailers, brands and manufacturers. Leveraging his and his team's expertise in the field of digital fashion and the brand recognition of WhichPLM, Mark and his team deliver exhaustively researched and expertly informed online education to today’s retail technology professionals. Mark uses best practice, scientific maturity measurements to deliver measurable results to his clients. Specialising in a range of processes including: A.I. & M.L., Merchandise & Assortment Planning (Financial & Graphical), Trend & Creative Design, 2D & 3D, Product Development, Costing, Sourcing, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Supply Chain Collaboration, Internet Of Things, Digital Printing, Digital Dyeing, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Twins, and more emerging technologies.

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