Pattern: Blockchain as a Service

IT4F 2020 - 03/12/2020 10:30

The needs from which the Pattern project started have to do with the objectives of traceability and sustainability of production, transparency towards the customer and anti-counterfeiting. The solution imagined by the customer can in fact be useful for customers who want to know the origin of the production of the products and materials used, now that consumers are increasingly sensitive to questions of social, environmental and animal welfare responsibility. In addition, traceability is crucial to countering the rampant counterfeiting in the luxury sector, amplified by the growth of e-commerce and the bargain market.

The project was therefore conceived in two phases: the first solved the B2B perspective, covering the processes that go from the engineering phase to delivery to the buyer; the second will broaden this perspective by adding additional information and functionality for the end customer, covering phases of exclusive interest to the seller such as the initial conceptual design and distribution phases.

Luca Sburlati

Luca Sburlati

AD di Pattern Spa

Luca Sburlati, Turin, 49 years old, married with two daughters, graduated in international political science from the University of Turin and obtained an MBA executive in Bocconi Milan. Since 2012 in Pattern / Roscini of which he is CEO he has contributed in recent years to making this company a leader in the design and production of men's and women's fashion show garments for the most important international luxury brands. All through a process of organic growth and acquisitions of competing companies as well as participation in the Elite program of Borsa Italiana and the subsequent listing of Pattern SpA on the AIM segment in July 2019. The company also owns the outerwear brand "Esemplare" commercial on issues of sustainability and the circular economy. Pattern finally announced in December 2019 the acquisition of the victim of the Emilian knitwear factory SMT, leader in the luxury knitwear sector. Luca previously worked in the Azimut-Benetti group as CEO of the Atlantis brand and previously had a career in HR / Organization in some important international companies including Arvin Meritor, International Rectifier, Fila of which he was Director of Human Resources. His belief is to mix design, technology and sustainability with data manufacturing with extraordinary Italian craftsmanship skills. A technological craftsman.

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