Vodafone Analytics: dai dati agli insights per il Fashion

IT4F 2020 - 02/12/2020 15:00

By aggregating and anonymizing the network data, Vodafone makes available for the retail sector useful insights to understand the profile of customers who visit the shops (e.g. geographical origin by post code in Italy or foreign country), the time spent, their loyalty (customers return vs unique customers), the co-visit rate (other places visited).

These insights become a formal support for the decision making of Fashion Retail companies to optimize shifts at the point of sale, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and rationalize advertising investments

Every day 28 billion new raw data records are generated on the Vodafone Network which, through the Vodafone Analytics technology, are anonymized, irreversibly aggregated, inferred and statistically analyzed, to obtain analysis and insights on attendance, mobility, flows and behavioral profiles of the population , with the aim of restoring value to the territory and improving services, business and lifestyles.

Vodafone Analytics technology is successfully applied today by public and private companies from different sectors: from the transport sector to make public transport more efficient and reduce its environmental impact, to the tourism sector to identify precisely and promptly which places and services are most popular, in addition to providing a useful tool for Public Administrations to plan and manage the safety of major events in the area, to Retail to understand customer profiles and improve the effectiveness of marketing actions.

This tool is created in respect of privacy, analyzing anonymized and irreversibly aggregated information using the "Privacy by Design" methodology.

Customers are informed by Vodafone through the Privacy information that the data generated by the mobile network are used for these purposes in an anonymized and aggregated form.

During the year, various public bodies made use of Vodafone Analytics solutions, mainly for the analysis and study of the presence and flows of population movement. In particular:

DMO Piemonte, a company that manages the achievement of the objectives defined by the Piedmont Region in the tourism sector, was able to analyze some tourism indicators in the region, such as the presence, the duration of the visit and the repetitiveness, the connections and flows between places in the region, the centrality of the places during the visitor's stay (e.g. during the Truffle Fair);

The municipality of Milan has adopted Vodafone Analytics not only for the improvement of tourist services, but also for the infrastructure and mobility management of the territory. In fact, thanks to a detailed and split analysis by time bands of attendance and travel (on the occasion of the "Milan Fashion Week") he was able to define effective public and infrastructural mobility strategies for both the management of tourist flows and city ​​traffic.

The collaboration of Vodafone Business with Cerved will enrich the potential of Vodafone Analytics with territorial scores that qualify the presence of visitors or people who come from a certain area based on their spending potential and their socio-demographic characteristics.

Future objectives:

• Data Enrichment with integration of third party / partner data in the offer;

• Offer Big Data, Business Intelligence and consulting services to better support customers;

• Integration of the Analytics offer with data from other sources such as IoT;

• Development and enhancement of Big Data Platform through the continuous development and launch of new offers of "standard" products in specific vertical sectors.

Alessandro Magnino

Alessandro Magnino

Head of Marketing Corporate & Public Sector

Alessandro Magnino is Head of Marketing Corporate & Public Sector of Vodafone Business with the responsibility of defining the offer and the Go-To-Market for services and solutions dedicated to large companies and the public administration. He joined the company in 2012 and has held roles in Marketing, Pre-Sales and Sales in the Vodafone Business Department. Before joining Vodafone, he worked for Nokia and as a consultant for the Value Partners Group.

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