Il ruolo del Digital Twin legato all’identità digitale di prodotto nella gestione dei processi marketing, comunicazione e vendita integrato con servizi AI in ambito moda e lusso

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For over twenty years Hyphen-Group has been supporting fashion and luxury companies on their digital transformation journey, with a particular focus on the processes related to the creation and management of brand and product content and information.

With a dual consultancy and development soul, today Hyphen offers its customers a systemic approach to technological and process innovation, combined with a solid and flexible Product Content Management platform capable of supporting creativity, marketing and business ( e-commerce and offline) through the entire product life cycle.

More and more often the process of choice and purchase by the consumer takes place through digital channels: 90% of consumers research product information online before making a purchase; 58% of consumers use their smartphone to consult product information during the store purchase process.

It is increasingly clear how much business performance is directly linked to the availability of structured and quality digital product content. It is in this context that the creation of the digital product twin and therefore the perfect synergy between the product supply chain and the digital supply chain become central to the success of the organization. However, synergy can only occur through a systemic approach to flows and processes capable of breaking traditional organizational silos.

The systemic approach and Hyphen solutions guarantee some fundamental benefits:

- Reduction of project and maintenance costs 

- Optimization of infrastructure investments

- Simplification of editorial production processes

- Increase in creative consistency and quality of materials

The intervention aims to describe, through the presentation of the Safilo case history, a concrete example of application of the systemic model to the creation of the digital twin. The path with Safilo was born in 2015 from a series of specific needs of the Trade Marketing team and developed over the next five years until it became a fundamental contribution to the digital transformation process undertaken by the company.

Following the definition of the new product digital identity standard and the application of the digital product twin, today Safilo manages all the production processes related to photo shooting, e-commerce within a single content factory platform. Trade Marketing, Visual Merchandising, virtual show-room and digital in-store.

Marco Milioli

Marco Milioli

CMO Hyphen-Group

Venetian, born in 1981, Marco begins his career in the agency (WPP) where he deals with communication and brand strategy. After the consultancy experience, in 2011 he joined Diesel with the role of Global Head of Digital and Content Marketing and launched the first digital transformation plan for the famous Denim brand. In 2017 he joined the Kering group with the role of Global Marketing and E-commerce Director Dodo while from November 2019 he is CMO of Hyphen-Group. Since 2018 he is also a professor of Advertising and New Media at the University of Udine.

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