New Retail Costumer Engagement. Dall’on-line all’in-store come cambieranno le abitudini di acquisto grazie all’A.I. e alle nuove tecnologie. Il caso di Patrizia Pepe.

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FEEDBACK is a highly innovative and flexible platform aimed at identifying, recognizing and improving the customer experience between online and in store, in order to make user engagement more targeted and effective and to allow, through the appropriate use of intelligence artificial, a radical innovation of customer service, omnichannel marketing and personalized shopping experience.

The platform allows the advanced profiling of the customer journey of the customers (known or anonymous, in compliance with the GDPR regulations in force) by acquiring and consolidating the information of behavior both in the physical stores and on the online apps, in order to develop in real time advanced strategies of marketing and generate appropriate stimuli on the various channels available (direct, indirect, environmental).

During an anonymous customer's visit to the store, the system processes all the information relating to its customer journey by recording, for example, the items tested in the dressing room, those worn in front of an interactive totem, any information of gender and age group detected by cameras, the paths taken and elaborates targeted marketing strategies in real time, providing the order with indications on alternative or related items to be proposed (cross selling, upselling), appropriately piloting the digital signage systems (video wall, totem).

The FEEDBACK platform  is a highly innovative and flexible platform aimed at identifying, recognizing and improving the customer experience between online and in-store, in order to make the user's commitment more targeted and effective, using a radical innovation of customer service, proactive marketing and purchasing experience.

This platform was created by Var Group Spa in the context of the POR CReO research project of the same name, together with other partners including Tessilform which allowed the operational experimentation of the platform in the context of retail fashion.

FEEDBACK is a complete modular solution adaptable to added contexts, which integrates pre-existing corporate tools and policies and which allows to finalize different objectives.

The functioning of the platform can be divided into the following macro-steps:

1. Acquires data from different sources - such as e-commerce, social media, ERP, CRM and legacy sources generally already in the possession of companies - but also from the detection of presences from which to identify the paths and emotions of users by means of integrated sensors .

2. Defines advanced profiling, thanks to the ability to correlate the data collected based on the various interactions between the tools of the user experience. Profiling not only allows you to discover customer buying habits, but also the customer journey, with the support of real-time artificial intelligence algorithms.

3. Analyzes the purchase purchases, the connections between different information, the insights, the sensitivity of the users to the stimuli, the types of marketing used and the responses received, the advanced analysis tools.

4. Formulates integrated engagement strategies, based on analyzes previously carried out and combined with the company's strategic objectives. In this way, ANSWERS identifies the most appropriate and effective contexts for the presentation of the suggestions.

5. Distributes the suggestions, based on the contexts elaborated in real time from the various sources, through the output devices. Data sources, integration and knowledge acquisition ANSWERS Listen to the integration of different data sources, a second part of the structures owned by companies, and also offer innovative methods for collecting customer information.

It is possible to collect data from ERP systems: customer history, contracts, warehouse and inventory data. From CRM systems: information on active and non-active customers, on loyalty programs, on customer satisfaction through surveys, on purchases. The platform, through its connectors, allows you to extract and process the data held by the company to feed analytical models that integrate the various information.

These feed the visual analytics systems that allow you to browse data and deepen knowledge. Company data are enriched by information relating to the activities of online users, by means of which it is possible to extract the lists of products displayed on e-commerce, the sequence of activities carried out online, the behavior of use on institutional websites or via mobile app and the services used, the information sought, even when the customer is on the move, thanks to GPS tracking.

The study on customer behavior is supported by a variety of 360-degree information: we are thus able to answer many questions and take advantage, for example, of the person's position, to invite them to enter the nearest point of interest at that time .

In this way we can increase the knowledge of the behavior patterns of different types of customers. The theme of mobility is linked to one of the great innovations brought by the FEEDBACK platform: the integration of standard data sources with advanced sensors is able to detect the presence of registered users within the stores and track their paths; this by means of the correlation between the registration data on the mobile app and the detection of devices with WiFi connection. Among the main features there is the possibility to track some basic information on anonymous users, such as gender, age and sentiment, through intelligent cameras placed in strategic positions.

It is also possible to relate a certain product to a customer thanks to devices installed in the places of interest which, by identifying their simultaneous presence, allow to understand the degree of interest in the product, depending on the actions taken by the customer. In this way, the platform can exploit this knowledge to trigger targeted engagement actions. FEEDBACK collects historical and current data on weather conditions in the various cities in the world where the customer's points of interest are present (stores, offices, branches, various locations) and is able to determine the average conditions of the different periods of the year.

This information extends the database and is useful to be crossed with other customer data, already acquired or received in real time, to reconstruct the customer's journey and perhaps foresee it. Engagement and output To improve customer interaction, satisfaction and loyalty, the FEEDBACK platform uses multiple tools, as many are its applications and uses. In the sales process, the sales employee is the protagonist of the ongoing action: his behaviors can bring a more or less positive result, represents the image of the company and establishes a relationship of trust with customers, which cannot be replaced. from a car. This is why the operator (consultant or shop assistant) is one of the users to whom the FEEDBACK solution is addressed, to which it provides effective support.

The platform supports the operator with intelligent suggestions to offer in real time the products or services of possible interest for the customer he is following, based on his profile and company sales strategies.

To still give the customer freedom during his experience within the company branch or shop, as well as intrigue him or let him inform himself in the case of busy operators, FEEDBACK integrates with digital signage systems that offer content targeted to the customer.

These systems can be active or interactive, depending on the corporate strategy, and able to detect the presence of a person nearby, his basic information and any registration with the services. In the case of active platforms and sensors, these are piloted to offer targeted video content; while, in the case of interactive surfaces, the user will trigger the action, asking for information or suggestions and receiving targeted support, as in the case of totems or smart mirrors.

Cosimo Terrosi

Cosimo Terrosi

IT Director at Patrizia Pepe

He is responsible for the management, strategy and execution of IT organization infrastructure. He oversees technical and digital projects, including e-commerce platform, omnichannel processes in alignment with organizational goals. He is directing the effective delivery of new stores openings, networks, developments, and disaster recovery systems. He works closely to information engineers to find solutions to manage business activities, leading efforts to continuously improve processes.

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