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Since its inception, Rifò has set itself the goal of producing following the principles of the circular economy. 'We transform old cashmere sweaters into a new yarn with which we create soft and soft products at Km 0', only with regenerated yarns to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions, all in the textile district of Prato.

To highlight the industrial practices related to its values, Rifò has chosen the Virgo traceability platform and its Blockchain network as a notarization and transparency tool for its processes and products.

The whole sourcing process is visible and accessible by multiple actors. From the supply of recycled yarn, to the manufacturing process in the best local artisan workshops, with a production process with low environmental impact, up to tracing the donations in favor of charity projects; value chain operators and customers interact by insisting on the same set of information, secure and immutable.

Thanks to VIRGO, each garment is identified by an NFC tag, which makes it unique and recognizable. The tag is a real gateway to the final consumer: it allows the reading of traceability data, certifications and certificates to provide total transparency on ethical and sustainability practices. Rifò has chosen Virgo and the use of blockchain technology to make a story-telling of its brand and products, declaring its ethical values.

Rifò needed to use a traceability tool for its Fashion supply chain to clarify, with certainty and immutability, the values, the quality of the products and processes and the authenticity of its proposal.

From the outset, Rifò has wanted to invest in issues such as environmental sustainability, ethical sustainability, animal welfare, the reduction of ecological costs, the quality of products and processes and welfare.

The research went in the direction of a tool able to testify and guarantee its customers and all stakeholders the efforts made to achieve a true circular economy production. In particular, the technological necessity provided for the tracing of the single garment and the attribution of its entire history from the recovery of recycled raw materials to its processing up to the distribution channels.

To meet all these needs, Rifò has decided to focus on the Blockchain through VIRGO, a platform through which all these values ​​can be declared with certainty and shown to all the players in the supply chain, including the final consumer.

Each garment produced by Rifò thanks to the Blockchain and VIRGO is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity both in terms of anti-counterfeiting and to promote a safe second hand market always with a view to circular economy. The solution allows manufacturers to self-certify each batch, using the best of different technologies, from UHF and NFC RFIDs to blockchain validation. In this way Rifò has integrated and given new life to the storytelling of its products, transforming the supply chain operators into protagonists of a narrative that focuses on all the ethical values ​​of the company. New perspectives open for dialogue with consumers who will be able to know not only the origin of the garments, but also information on the raw materials used, on the ethical sustainability of the work and on the environmental and social impact and today the sustainability of production is a distinctive feature and driving force for the entire Fashion sector. Rifò has adopted the tool to enhance the brand's commitment thus obtaining an advantage for the entire supply chain.

The solution sought had to be modeled on Rifò's needs, integrating ERP systems present and all the infrastructure already existing in the company in a simple and fast way. The solution also responds to the possibility of scaling by meeting the evolution and growth of the company with a series of integrated solutions: open and modular capable of integrating multiple technologies, from IoT to artificial intelligence, passing by optimizing a user experience thanks to the availability of all information in a portal and on an app that can be used by all mobile devices while maintaining an agnostic philosophy and projected towards integration.

Var Group, Temera, PwC, Luxochain, four excellences of international level, have teamed up to create an integrated, safe and transparent solution, to trace the value chain and certify the authenticity of luxury goods, from the material acquisition phase first, to the production and sale of the property, up to the transfer of ownership on the second-hand market.

Niccolò Cipriani

Niccolò Cipriani

Founder Rifò

Niccolò Cipriani, combines in his work the background in cooperation and sustainable development with the family tradition, lived in the Prato textile sector. Always moved by interests such as internationalization, he sets off for Vietnam to explore issues related to social entrepreneurship, microcredit and professional training. Realizing that the clothes marketed in the West, if unsold, would end up in landfills or incinerators, he decided to give a second life to those garments that people no longer wear. So in 2017 Rifò was born, a project that produces high quality garments and accessories, made with 100% textile fibers regenerated from wool, cashmere and also from denim, in new yarns with which to create soft and soft 0 km ethical products.

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